I'm starting a new podcast called Order Without Design with the most interesting couple I know: Alain & Marie-Agnes Bertaud.

This project is an extension of their book, Order Without Design: How Markets Shape Cities. With its focus on economic theory, you might not realize that this book is the product of the adventurous life these two have shared together. This podcast series is my excuse to hear and share those stories.

Join the three of us on a journey to the Bertauds' past lives in Bangkok, NYC, San Salvador, Algiers, and beyond! We'll explore the incredible stories that informed the theories in the book.

We'll be publishing the first few episodes in the coming weeks. Subscribe to this feed now to get the first full episode delivered straight to your queue.

Chat soon 👋
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As a sneak preview, here's a map of the cities where Alain & Marie-Agnes have spent the most time living and working: